Is Positive Thought Killing You?

Law of Attraction

Most of us would probably agree that the success of The Law of Attraction is pretty seductive. No, we’re not talking about how to catch your soul mate or be the stud of the hour at every party. I’m talking about the Law of Attraction book that would have you think that if you focus on something enough, that the universe magically sees that thought and gives into it like an unbreakable force like gravity.

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10 Sporty Date Ideas

Afraid your date might find you boring?

The traditional date, dinner and a movie may not make a lasting impression on your date. While we aren’t knocking a relaxing movie after dinner, most people might have been there and done that already. A guy offering the same effortless engagement to win your date’s affection might not exactly catch her attention. Some men aren’t aware there are other adventurous and new date ideas that are absolutely intriguing for you to spring on your unexpected long-term girlfriend or maybe a new interest you’d like to romantically snag. Think outside the box guys and try something exciting you both can enjoy, whilst getting to know each other better. I’m sure your date would appreciate the extra thought and consideration put into arranging a super sexy date that she will never forget.

We’ve got ten sporty date ideas that will get you thinking and moving in the right direction. These ideas have been carefully selected to accommodate any personality for hours of fun. Exactly what the doctor ordered for successfully wooing your date.

Sporty date ideas include:

  1. Paintball – shooting your date with a capsule of paint isn’t super romantic, but we guarantee it’ll be loads of fun. Use a handy paintball gun guide to find suitable markers and then head to the field.
  2. Rock Climbing- get physically fit with your date while climbing on artificial rock shaped formations used to help you climb across the wall.
  3. Mountain Biking- hop on your bike and ride through rough land. Please note mountain biking requires heaps of strength, energy and agile biking skill. Make sure you bring along the right bike and safety gear.
  4. Water Skiing- you are skiing on water with one or two skis, propelled by a moving boat attached by cables. Not exactly the same as skiing down the cold slopes, but isn’t this a cool alternative you can enjoy on the beach?
  5. Geocaching – use your GPS (Global Positioning System) for another reason other than driving directions. Why not treasure hunting? Also called caching.
  6. Dance Classes – the art of body movement, you and your date can choose any type of dance you’d prefer; from classic to salsa, this active sport requires loads of energy and it’ll keep you both fit and trim.
  7. Miniature Golf – Get your golf balls and attempt to score points by successfully getting your balls in the designated holes. This is a miniature version of the original game, which features ramps and other types of obstacles to make your game that much more interesting.
  8. Couples Boxing- boxing is all you can expect from couple boxing. Knocking you boo out isn’t nice so we recommend that you are gentle.
  9. Ice Skating- Ok, we talked about water skiing already. Ice skating differs because you are no longer skating on water but bodies of frozen water.
  10. Marathon Training- with a minimum distance of 26 miles, marathons involve fast competitive walking and running. Marathon training is a very complex undertaking, patience will allow you to build endurance and strength. If you’re aiming for a simple date this isn’t the best option.

Well gentleman, we have taken the bull by the horns and given you some food for thought. Take the plunge today and try something new with your special date.

Becoming a Digital Nomad

At the beginning of this year I decided to make the brave jump onto the ever increasingly popular band wagon that is remote working. However working from my own home in the cold, cloudy and miserable England didn’t seem too appealing. Working remotely meant I could be anywhere, anytime at anyplace. This is when the idea hit me. Why not become a digital nomad?

What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a remote worker who works from a location of his or her choice and often sets their own schedule. Digital nomads are able to work in many genres of industry including, education, publishing, business, personal development and visual arts. Photographers, software developers,writers, business consultants, graphic designers, executive coaches, web marketers and transcriptionists are the types of employment positions that commonly fit into this category. Digital nomads generally rely on a multitude of tools and devices to assist with their work, such as laptops, wireless Internet services, cell phones and hosted VOIP PBX tools.

A digital nomad lifestyle is becoming very common and reflects the current technology of our time. I am a self proclaimed Digital Nomad and have met many nomads who travel the world while keeping up with their work schedule but claim the rewards of a permanent vacation. As we all know the internet allows us to connect to anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of becoming a Digital Nomad?

Chaos Free Lifestyle

Owning a traditional home can often lead to clutter or unnecessary hoarding. Homes provide so much room, so why not fill it? That is often the mentality many people have. However the nomadic life removes alleviates this space and leaves you with the minimum essentials. However this doesn’t mean you cannot find temporary accommodation on your travels, there are often many cheap apartments or even travelling motels you can stay in.

Freedom Live or Visit Anywhere

A digital nomad experiences the ultimate when it comes to freedom. This is undoubtedly one of the most attractive benefits of this lifestyle. You can follow every dream, idea or desire you have. Wish to see the Grand Canyon? Would you like to visit the local beaches? Nomads can follow their dreams and make them come true. Let’s not forget that with visiting a multitude of different places or countries, comes new exciting cultures. Exposing yourself to new cultures can undoubtedly do wonders for your mental state by learning new ways of thought, even traditions or morals.

It’s Easy to Stay Connected

Previous generations who may have embraced a nomadic life often had to deal with long goodbyes to friends & family. Since the change in modern technology, as long as you are equipt with a laptop, you can stay easily stay connected with everyone. Thanks to social networking and webcams, you can frequently communicate with your loved ones plus face to face chats.

English remote workers like myself are often compelled to expat in Europe when it comes to working remotely as a digital nomad. But in recent times the US has become increasingly popular. Perhaps with the benefit that comes with America which is English speakers it can be a lot less stressful than having to pick up a specific language. Some countries in Europe such as Italy or France for example do not particularly embrace the English language.

Transitioning into a digital nomadic lifestyle is a careful process and often needs a lot of consideration. However, if you decide to embark on this lifestyle due to its endless freedom and exploration, then there are many benefits waiting for you. So what are you waiting for. Start planning today!

Foods Fraudulence

Most of us don’t think twice about what foods we eat. Things such as olive oil, orange juice, and apple juice when bought at the store can pose a health risk. Every day, we eat foods with hazardous ingredients that were put there for industrial purposes; these substances are harmful and sometimes can be in your food without you having any knowledge of it. This is a practice known as “food fraud“. Large food companies often lose sight of their real purpose (to keep people nourished) and,often illegally, cut corners to get a “leg up” on the competition in terms of price. I’ll reveal to you some of the most commonly adulterated foods in this article.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil has many nutritional benefits. It can reduce the risks of breast cancer and heart disease as well as provide essential fats. However it’s been found that many kinds of olive oil, even “extra-virgin” olive oil, have been polluted with other oils such as: corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil, palm oil, hazelnut oil, and walnut oil. So be careful when purchasing your olive oil and make sure to look at the ingredients closely. While each of these oils have their own pros and cons and should be researched individually; palm oil particularly harmful. It is heavily linked to deforestation and the death of many animals. Consumption of this oil can be bad for the health of our planet, as well as our own health.

Orange Juice

One of the most repulsive additives of all foods can be found in orange juice: Illegal fungicide. Companies can get away with this by producing the orange juice outside of the US, e.g. in Brazil, where these substances have not been banned. It has also been found that various orange juices contain high fructose corn syrup, paprika extract, and beet sugar. These things are found even on orange juices that are labeled as “100% juice” and “fresh squeezed juice”. Sometimes the orange juice that you are drinking was extracted from its orange 6 months before. By the time it hits your mouth there is practically no nutrition left, only sugar. This is why it’s better to get a really good juicer and juice it yourself.

Apple Juice

While orange juice is the #1 perpetrator of food fraud, apple juice is no angel. Apple juices generally have maltodextrin, a starchy substance that is very hard to digest. Further, the following ingredients have surprisingly been used found in apple juice: Arsenic, high fructose corn syrup, raisin sweetener, fig juice, fructose and malic acid. It’s nearly impossible to avoid these ingredients when buying apple juice from the shelf.

Instead, you can make homemade fresh apple juice which contains fiber, vitamin C and polyphenol antioxidants and other healthy ingredients. Studies have shown us that drinking small amounts of apple juice daily can provide many health advantages including reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease; colon, skin and breast cancers. (Source: “Planta Medica” published in October 2008.) You can make apple juice with pretty much any juicer on the market today, even the cheap juicers will work. An apple juice away might just keep the doctor away.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Trending in New Housing Eco-Upgrades: Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to be installed under the kitchen sink in most cases. Usually, they come with a small faucet that is installed next to your kitchen faucet and they have a small tank to hold the purified water in reserve so that you have access to a few gallons at a time.

For all intents and purposes a reverse osmosis unit is a water purifier. It does however come with up to seven filters that remove various contaminants. As you shop for a unit you will notice that they are listed as a 4-stage, 5-stage, etc. on up to a seven stage unit. Each stage is designed to specifically remove a particular impurity from the water. You can check out reviews at Frugal Home Design to get in-depth information on all types of water treatment systems for the home. Read their articles for a great informational review on the Tap Master and iSpring systems, two of the best.

The filters will take care of these issues for you:

1st Stage is a sediment filter which will eliminate dust, rust, and silt. if you have cloudy water this is usually what is needed to remedy the situation.

2nd Stage is a granular activated carbon filter which will also eliminate cloudiness, discoloration, bad tastes and odors. Chlorine is also removed by the stage 2 filter.

3rd Stage is a dense block carbon filter that tackles any remaining chlorine, bad tastes, and odors.

4th Stage is the brain of the system, a reverse osmosis membrane which removes between 95-99% of all the left over impurities.

5th Stage is an in-line polishing carbon filter which will help make the water taste great.

6th Stage is an alkaline filter. This one puts back certain minerals that the other filter removed. It is what gives you “mineral water on tap”. However, if you want the “hard minerals” removed it is best to skip this stage.

7th Stage is a UV filter that can kill bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms. If you are on well water or in an area that is known to have bad water you may want to add this filter to your system.
Note: In a 6 stage RO system many companies will offer a 6 stage alkaline or a 6 stage UV. Make sure you know which one you are getting.

If you do decide to invest in one of these units you will be glad to know they are relatively inexpensive, the best unit is still under $500. For maintenance there is very little that has to be done. Mainly it depends on how much water you use but on average you will want to replace all your filters every year. You can go up to 18 months if you use it infrequently. The RO membrane will last from 2 to 5 years, again depending on the usage. Finally, once per year you will want to flush the unit and recharge the system.
Deciding on a reverse osmosis unit for your home is a modest investment. The pure, clean water it provides is a boon to your health. You can read about healthier lifestyle choices at this site: Health As A Lifestyle.

You will have the benefit of pure water and if you purchase bottled water you will have the added benefit of helping reduce the amount of recyclables or waste produced each year, not to mention money saved from buying bottled water each day. Check out this article about the cost of buying bottled water for specific figures.

Can You Become Better At Sports By “Training” On-Line?

Matt Smith’s Epic Soccer training skills program is one of the best and most effective of the online soccer programs that are currently available. On-line training programs for sports aren’t new, but the approach that many of them take is new. On-line training programs today rely upon a much more complex and complete way of training the body. As a result they generally deliver much better results than the training programs of the past. In particular Matt Smith’s program has proven to be one of the most effective options out there because of the results that it can give you. Like any other type of exercise or training program you will only get out of it as much as you put into it. If you commit yourself fully to it and give your best effort then you will get better results than you would if you only put in minimal effort.

Pros Of Online Sports Training Programs

  1. Online sports training programs can help to get you into shape. Not only that, but since they are geared toward a specific sport they have training that is designed to maximize your abilities in that sport.
  2. Online sports training programs can help you to maintain your skills when you don’t have time to actually play the sport of your choice. You probably have a lot of work and family commitments that you have to attend to before you can play any type of sports. By the time you have some free time to play it’s probably going to be too late in the day to actually find others to play with. Online sports training programs can help you by simulating the movements you will make when playing so that they remain more natural to you.
  3. You can also learn new skills from online sports training programs. If you are like many other athletes you are probably a little hesitant to try out new moves in an actual game. When you train on your own with an online program you can learn new moves, and also get the time needed to master them before trying them in a more public setting.

Cons Of Online Sports Training

  1. No matter how good an online sports training program is, there’s simply no substitute for actual game play. While you can keep your skills sharp, and avoid getting too rusty, you won’t be able to maintain your same level of play unless you are competing against others.
  2. Not all online sports training programs are created equal. There are a lot of good programs out there, and there are even more that are a waste of your money. Matt Smith’s program falls under the category of one of the good ones, so if soccer is your sport of choice you should definitely look into it. If you want to try a different sport or program just make sure to do your homework first. A little bit of research can go a long way in helping you to find a good online sports training program.

Should you have cosmetic surgery?

Should you have cosmetic surgery?

Plastic surgery is getting more and more popular, but is it the right thing for you?

Plastic surgery is not cheap, and is often very expensive. It is unlikely that your  health insurance will cover the cost of it, unless you’ve had an accident of some kind and need surgery to repair serious cuts or burns.
But call your health insurer just to be sure, because some procedures, such as breast reduction, might be included. But generally any form of cosmetic surgery won’t be included in your heath insurance and you will have to pay for all of it yourself, so make sure you have plenty of money before you even think about inquiring having work done.

Is it important for your health?

Plastic surgery may not necessarily be all about improving one’s appearance. Sometimes it can be important for your health, liposcution for example or gastric bypass surgery will help one lose weight which is important to avoid heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. It can even be a life saver in some cases.

Do you have any other options?

If you have large health problems, such as being excessively obese and you have tried all other ways of losing weight, then you may have no choice other than to have surgery.
Or you may have tried all the anti-ageing measures that you possibly could and none of the anti-wrinkle creams are working any more. In this case it will be worth considering plastic surgery. But because of the risks and costs involved it should be the final, not the first, step that you take.

Are you prepared for the risks?

Cosmetic surgery is not generally high risk but all surgery does carry risk and you should be aware of this. The surgery could go wrong for example and look horrible, or even more serious things can go wrong during surgery, particularly if you have a general anesthetic. The other thing to think about is the recovery period which can be a few weeks for some of the more serious types of operation. For smaller operations such as nose jobs though, the recovery period will be much shorter.

Do you really want it?

If the problem that you want to sort out is very important to, and you can afford it, then it might well be the right thing for you. For example if you have a nose that you really hate and it makes you feel bad about yourself then it is worth considering Rhinoplasty. Or if you hate your stomach you could consider having a tummy tuck. If you have the money then it is certainly not worth continuing to suffer esteem issues if you can do something to improve this.

If you do decide to have plastic surgery, make sure that you do plenty of research and check out the best plastic surgeons in your area. And then ask them lots of questions about what experience they have and how much all their costs are. Only when you feel fully happy with a surgeon, should you proceed.

The Many Benefits of Archery

Dollarphotoclub_45410066-300x241Archery is one sport that does not naturally discriminate against anyone, regardless of age or abilities. It makes no difference at all if you are weak or strong, as long as you can hold them you can learn the fine art of the bow and arrow. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits offered by this skilled art of history.

Benefits To Your Health

One of the best ways to relieve depression is to focus on something entirely different from your usual daily routine. Learning archery helps because the bow is light weight and improves your balance as you learn to focus clearly on the target. Your brain gets to rest from the problems of the day and just enjoy something new and scientific.

Archery Is Healthy Exercise

Too often people decide to begin an exercise routine. They typically over extend themselves to reach more repetitions, heavier weights and starve their bodies of necessary liquids. All that exertion and in a few months their bodies turn back into flab. Archery is a steady exercise that gives you a sense of freedom and oneness to move along at your pace.

Safety Comes First

In the beginning you learn the safety issues involved in handling a bow and arrow, along with how to properly string the bow. Did you know that when it is not in use, you remove the string from the bow? There are other factors involved in storing the equipment and safety is at the top of the list of things to do, and things to recheck.

Inexpensive Enjoyment And Entertainment

The cost is very reasonable for a starters set and provides hours of enjoyment for anyone who wants to improve their self-esteem. You can lose your troubles and let your imagination take you to far off worlds where a bow and arrow saves the day. The entertainment also includes competition tournaments with varying degrees of accomplishment. You can win awards in archery.

Group Activities And Competition

Did you know there are archery groups? You can join a team, help build outdoor trails, get ready for competitions by participating in target practice, and enjoy social interaction away from your computer. Yes. Real life and in person fun with other people who are your age or other teams of different ages.

Family Fun And Interaction

With each new computerized game or electronic toy, it seems more difficult to find activities everyone in the family can enjoy. Archery is one sport that does not need brute strength and makes it easy for anyone of any age to compete and spend time together. Each family member learns at their pace and can help teach the others tips they learned from someone else.

If you want to get exercise and tighten your body muscles, archery is an excellent way to tone up. Your upper body will get stronger as you advance through instructions, and the outdoor activities will help strengthen the rest of your body. Anyone of any age can relieve the stress of the day by spending a little time at the archery range.

3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Awesome

Making your home a comfortable place to be in is incredibly important. After a long, grueling day in the rat race there is no better reward than to be able to return to your own place of sanctuary in the hills. Maybe you have your family there waiting for you, maybe you don’t–it really doesn’t matter.

Having a place where you can simply take a breather and put your feet up for a bit will help you recollect and refresh your self for another day tomorrow. This is why we’ve put together this simple list of 3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Awesome.

1. Give your home facade some character

Everyone who enters your home (including you and your loved ones) will most likely do it through your front door or facade. Why not spice things up a bit with some decor? Are you into taking care of plants? Set one up and make it a project. Or maybe you’re more of the welcome mat type? There are tons of great novelty welcome mats available online and they will all add a bit of character to your home. Any drab old porch would look super comfy with one of these porch swings to give you and your family a place to sit. Installation will give you something to do on the long weekend and you’ll finally have something great to do on your porch other the neighbors daughter from across the street (at least now you can take a seat and sip some scotch while you’re at it)

2. Make sure you’ve got a great entertainment center

In this day and age of abundant streaming video and HD quality on demand entertainment, no awesome home would be without a great living room entertainment setup. How else are you supposed to veg out and binge-watch all three seasons of Homeland in one go?? There are several types of great systems to choose from but just make sure you have all the basics like a great LED or 3D TV set, a sick couch that will be comfy enough to sleep in and a generous supply of all the shows and movies you almost certainly will never have the time to watch. EVER. Really… you’ll never ever have the time to watch them all.

3. Make sure your kids are comfy too

Are there any family men reading this? If there is one true gauge as to whether or not your home is awesome it’s if your kids think it is. The trick here is you have to adjust to their expectations: If you’ve got a few teens, then technology is unfortunately the way to go here… but if you’re dealing with a few toddlers and kids below 10, spend some cash and invest in a great tree house or play area out back. They’ll spend hours out there away from all the video games (so you can spend some time on them yourself, of course). Make it spacious enough so that they can invite friends over and you’ll be the talk of the town. Just make sure to grab them one of these to fight off dehydration while they waste the summer days away up in that tree.

All said and done, your home doesn’t have to be too boring or plain. Spend some money and spice it up a bit… you’ll thank me later and hopefully have me over for drinks.

Advice on Staying Fit After Pregnancy

For new parents particularly for moms who have just had a baby looking fit can be hard especially in the first few months. You would still have those pregnancy flabs and all you could think of now would be how you can get back in shape even if you are still looking after your baby. That’s not a problem at all since you can start having light jogging exercise in the morning or whenever you have time.

The good thing about jogging is that you can also take your baby with you. Yes! And all you have to do is to just get a jogging stroller. This way, you are able to bring your baby along while you are jogging.

Your baby would be able to get some fresh air and at the same time enjoy the sun. It’s beneficial for both of you! But what type of jogging stroller would you want to buy for your baby? Well, here are some tips on how you can find the right jogging stroller.


Check the Wheels – it is important that the wheels are sturdy and they should also provide comfort for the child as you jog in the park or in any other place in your area. Make sure that they are made from lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy.

Also, you might consider choosing the swivel type or the fixed type wheel. Besides this, you should also take note of the size of the wheel. The sizes of the wheel vary in the range of 12 to 20 inches. Remember, the wheels should be stable while you are jogging with your baby. Also, they should have a safety break to avoid possible accidents. Wheels should also have shocks absorbents to help your baby feel more comfortable on the run.

Stroller Features

When it comes to a jogging stroller there is a number of features to consider. The stroller should have a wide canopy to at least cover the top of the face (or up to the body) of the baby. It should also be retractable. The seat of the stroller should also be large enough to fit your baby and it should also have pads to provide more comfort. Of course you also need to check the weight limit of the stroller.

Besides these features, the stroller should have adjustable handle bars and seat belts. These stroller accessories are important for safety of your baby. The cloth material used in the stroller should also be checked. Make sure that it is light, and can protect your baby from the excessive rays of the sun and from the other elements as well.

These are the points you need to consider when purchasing a jogging stroller. You can shop online and look for user reviews of the jogging stroller you want to buy. Also, take note of your budget but consider the best features of the product without compromising the tag price as well.

How you found these tips useful, happy staying fit!

Shopping for Clothing on a Budget

There can always be money saved from taking a different approach to buying clothing.  Whether you’re a guy or girl doesn’t matter; but being conscious of what you put in your shopping cart does and can make a world of difference.  There are many different ways to save, though not all of them will apply to you.  Here is some of my top picks for this year.

Buying Clothing Online Instead of Your Local Store:

I hate to see some of the local stores lose business but the truth of the matter is, they have more overhead than online businesses and have to charge more in their clothing prices.  Places like Male Emporium and others write reviews on clothing and where you can find lower prices on name brand items that you normally would find locally at twice the price.

Even online auction sites have gently used items at a low price that others paid more for originally and you can find for a great deal.  The best part about buying others clothing is that you are saving the environment while putting a smile on your face!

Taking a Look in Your Closet:

There are probably many old pieces of clothing in your closet that are either new or you just don’t fit anymore.  What you can do is trade with a friend that likes what they see and you will probably find clothing that you like out of your trendy friends closet.  The best thing is, you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket and you both win.

You can find everything from clothing to furniture on this website for free.  The idea behind this non-profit website is Freecycle wants to see your items stay out of the landfills and go to another good home.  This group is worth supporting and they probably have a group in your area.  Freecycle has over 7 million members and growing.  Help the cause today!

Time to Check Some Outlet Malls:

If you want to buy locally, there is probably a good outlet store near your location.  Usually outlet stores have amazing deals that you can find on name brand clothing.  Go after holidays like Christmas to score some even deeper discounted clothing.  I find great deals all the time during the off season and so can you.

Looking In Thrift Stores:

You can find great deals on clothing in thrift stores if you are patient.  Usually during specific days, Goodwill offers an even bigger discount on their items.  I have purchased quality dress pants for under 2 dollars and have found clothing with tags still on them.  It is always good to check Goodwill’s website to see when they are having discount days and to look out for those special deals.

Final Thoughts on Shopping on a Budget

There are so many ways to save money, you just have to be a little more creative and look at some online stores.  It is important to have fun with this and consider the clothing you already have.  There might be some hidden gems among your old and tired clothing.

Online Classes for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistants) on Ebola Protocols

The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions have a very informative webpage for Heath Care Practitioners to be better informed about the current status of the Ebola Virus. As the debate rages around the case in Texas, many health care professionals are concerned on how they are better able to take the right precautions.

Infectious Disease Prevention Protocols Questioned for Healthcare Workers

As Ebola continues to spread throughout the world, healthcare workers are at the front line of the infection population. Hospital administration and government officials have taken to the microphones to blame the workers for breaching infection prevention protocols, but it sounds more like they are trying to find someone to blame than look at the poorly funded education and health safety programs in their countries. Many healthcare workers are turning to online CNA classes for refresher courses in prevention protocols for lack of offering in their work environment.

Ebola and Entero-68

This season will be defined by Ebola and Entero-68 in the West. Both of them are highly infectious, and carry a high risk of death. Both come into ERs and clinics with the same initial symptoms of a fever and flu-like presentation. The first person on the medical treatment team to encounter every patient is the CNA. Many hospitals and clinic environments do not fund ongoing CNA training to keep them up to date on infectious diseases, which is why so many of the classes are now offering special infectious disease prevention modules for free. Most CNAs are not even issued personal protective equipment (PPE), or told not to wear them before a person is diagnosed. This leaves them vulnerable to infection, but recent reports are questioning the safety of the PPE protocol as a defense.

The problem with personal protective equipment

With administrators in Spain and Texas blaming the healthcare workers for becoming infected due to a breach of infection prevention protocols, the focus has been on how effective the PPE equipment really is in infection prevention. Studies have shown that the problem doesn’t lie with the PPE, but with the protocol for removing it. While classes outline how to properly roll the suits off and clean hands, they don’t emphasize the importance of not breathing while doing this. Also, if eye protection is removed in the room where a suit has been taken off and before decontamination, the eyes are now vulnerable to the infection. There are some new free CNA classes that feature revamped instructions for PPE removal in an attempt to combat this error in training and behavior.

Make use of free online CNA classes to retrain the trained professional

Retraining the trained professional is not as easy as it seems. The healthcare field can increase the amount of classes offered to registered Nurse about infectious disease control and the use of PPE but getting the business of healthcare to value the time of the professional in taking the courses is revealing the dark belly of the monetization of healthcare. Several leading politicians have begun to question how much cuts, such as the US sequester, have contributed to a deadly outbreak of Ebola. Those questions may need to go further into how corporate reluctance to fund continuing education for Nursing Assistants may also be putting healthcare workers at risk.

Why is administration blaming healthcare workers for their own infections?

If you review the available CNA online classes concerning infectious disease control and protocols you will note they are dependent on the system working well enough to prepare for a high risk diagnosis. Even the free CNA classes emphasize that you must know the diagnosis in order to be able to respond effectively. If the system is failing and health care workers are at risk, it isn’t with the on-unit workers, but much higher up. To blame the team member who doesn’t have the power or authority to test or diagnose is to distract from the failure of the hospital and corporate healthcare system in handling infectious disease.

5 Tips to Staying Safe in Construction Sites

The construction industry is a dangerous game and there are very apparent safety risks. ONe thing to remember however, is that there are injuries result from indirect threats, and whats the biggest indirect health threat on a construction site? improper manual handling.

The danger of manual labor lies within the difficulties that arise with the constant exertion of using your body. Injury is conceivable when anyone is incorrectly using their muscles to perform an array of tasks but it’s a particular danger for those who are in the construction industry, as they are constantly employing the use of their strength.

While the risk of a serious on-site injury is always possible, the constant strain that can be placed upon the back with incorrect handling practices can cause either severe pain or injury. Therefore, it is crucial to employ correct technique when participating in the day’s work.

The following 5 areas should be closely focused when lifting or moving anything on a construction site. Manual handling injuries make up a large portion of workplace injuries in the United States, therefore these situations can be avoided with a few simple rules:


The vital information to remember when attempting to lift a heavy object is to use your legs, as they have the muscle needed to accomplish such a task. Ensuring the straightening of the upper body is necessary, for this will release tension on the spine. It is then advised to bend the knees slowly, without putting unnecessary strain on them. Now, carefully lift the item, using the legs to straighten the body and stand tall. However, when possible, do not bend at the waist, but instead squat to the floor and gradually lift the item.


Ideally, it is best to avoid a carrying items, as the possibility of a fall is worrisome. If there is an opportunity to push, pull, or drag the item, that would be better. However, manual carry will eventually be necessary and applying the basic safety techniques will assist in preventing injury. To lower the possibility of slipping, invest a high-quality work boot that has anti-slip technology on the sole. Do not try to overexert your abilities by trying to carry something excessively heavy and ensure that the line of vision is clear. It’s also safer to carry the item close to your body, as this may lessen the strain placed on the arms.


When ready to lower the item that is being carried, the procedure should resemble the lifting technique, but in reverse. The back should be straight and feet should be shoulder’s width apart. Using extreme caution, the knees should safely bend and the item gently released. Allow the body a few moments to release tension before the resumption of movement.

Pushing and Pulling

A frighteningly common occurrence is the use of the back muscles to push, especially the shoulders. The arm muscles should be carefully used, as the back is susceptible to injury by exhausting such intense strain. Again, the use of the legs will manage most of the item’s bulk. The body should also be leaning forward, without twisting or bending. The procedure for pulling is much the same, but naturally, the body should be inclined backward.


By guaranteeing a three-point contact at every given moment while climbing, the risk of falling is greatly reduced. This method is achieved by having either two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand, on the latter. When climbing on ladders, ensure that the correct footwear is being used, which will be a pair of work boots with ladder traction soles. These are the best work boots for this situation,  so check some options out at the Work Boot Critic: a platform for work boot reviews and comparisons.

With the above simple rules, manual handling injuries can be avoided, and your career in construction can proper: when you are health and happy at work, your career excels in ways you wouldn’t believe!

Top 5 Crossfit Fashion Essentials for Women

I’ve been working out religiously for the past 7 years and I really enjoy the gym classes that include spin class and yoga but I have now taken my training to a whole new level with crossfit training, crossfit and me have a love hate relationship the workouts have me crawling out of the box after every session but the results are like no other class.

In this article I am going to list my top 5 fashion essentials with information I wish I had been given when I started crossfit training.

5. Good Quality Gloves

Crossfit involves a lot of picking up, pushing up and gripping bars at the end of my first session all my nails where chipped or broken, my hands felt like they had been dipped in sand and at one point I was asked not to try and lift the weights because it wasn’t safe without gloves very embarrassing!.

I quickly purchased a pair of gloves the following day  and opted for a pair of gripper gloves costing around $30 ideal for protecting your hands and more importantly safety when lifting any type of weights.

4. Compression Shorts

Another silly mistake I made at my first day of crossfit training was wearing a pair of baggy shorts, now this may work for some people but for me I just don’t like them for crossfit I need a pair of shorts that sticks to me as closely as possible.

The perfect shorts for the job are a pair of compression shorts, there are a number of brands that make them so finding a pair at a decent cost isn’t all that difficult, the shorts are also perfect for cycling as they prevent chafing of the skin.

3. Shoes Designed for Crossfit

I love shoes I think I have over 150 pairs in my closet! kind of crazy but buying the correct pair of shoes for crossfit is essential, there are basically two options and if you have loads of money going spare I would suggest buying both, the Reebok crossfit nano 4.0 read more detailed information at and the Reebok Lifter 2.0 also a full review available at Dsstuff.

I have both sets the Reebok nano 4.0 are excellent in every way and if you only have money for one then the nano is the way to go, even the nano 3,0 are still better than everything else on the market, the Reebok Lifter are designed for standing weightlifting and they do a fantastic job, the shoes are well made and you can tell they will last for years.

2. Sports Bra

As a well endowed woman one thing you might require if you are anything like me is a good quality bra, this was a lesson I learned quickly not from crossfit sessions but when I first started the gym hitting the treadmill, apart from the fact you want to avoid men falling over themselves looking at your bits bouncing as you run it is also important to give yourself the correct support.

The problem you will find is swollen boobs they are no fun the following day for starters and in my own case it caused back pain that I still feel today when lifting weights, before you do any kind of exercise please buy a sports bra I wish I had years ago.

 1. A Change of Clothes

Now this isn’t really anything to do with crossfit and the training what I am referring to is a change of clothes for before and after the training, I live in Michigan and during the fall and winter months it can get very cold so warm clothing on your way to the box is a good idea.

More importantly is being able to change into fresh clothes when you are done, after any fitness workout you are hot, sweaty and kinda stinky you need to stick all of these clothes into a gym bag until you get home if possible also shower at the box this will prevent your regular clothing from becoming smelly as well.