Is Positive Thought Killing You?

Most of us would probably agree that the success of The Law of Attraction is pretty seductive. No, we’re not talking about how to catch your soul mate or be the stud of the hour at every party. I’m talking about the Law of Attraction book that would have you think that if you focus on something enough, that the universe magically sees that thought and gives into it like an unbreakable force like gravity.

Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction Is Like Gravity

I’m here to tell you that this stuff might be true. But it might come at a cost … Read the rest

If You Haven’t Been Cooking With Coconut Oil, Then You’re Missing Out

Seriously folks. Coconut oil is absolutely amazing to cook with for a lot of reasons. A lot of chefs have just now started to really embrace what an amazing staple this is for the kitchen. You can use it in place of butter, and it’s not a cheap “low fat” or nasty tasting substitute.

Coconut oil makes stuff absolutely delicious.

You’re probably like me and thinking, “That just can’t be true. Nothing is tastier than butter!” And I would have been nodding along and agreeing with you just the other day. But not anymore! Perhaps I’ve got you at least … Read the rest

Top 3 Coolest Watches You’ve Never Heard Of

When shopping for a nice watch, a lot of men just want the same old watch – Rolex, Movado, and if they’ve got some real money to burn and know a bit about watches, Patek Philippe.

It’s time to skip the hype and find some watches that are truly awesome.

Here are the top 3 coolest watches I’ve ever come across:

3) Barcelona.

Barcelona Satellite Watch
Barcelona Satellite Watch

This watch is truly interesting and definitely a talking piece. An elegantly designed piece that is sure to help strike up conversations with everyone in the room that you wanted to meet. The ultimate … Read the rest