Female "Flaws" That Men Really Like

How many single european women torment themselves with diets and cosmetic procedures in pursuit of a beautiful appearance. They spend fabulous money on clothes from leading designers, consulting fitness trainers and makeup artists, unaware that men often like other things. The survey in which more than two hundred men took part showed what imperfections in their women they find attractive. It turned out that men of all ages stand in solidarity in this matter.

Healthy appetite

Almost all respondents admitted that they find women insanely attractive when the latter stop talking about diets, their extra weight and start eating beefsteak or chocolate with pleasure. Many guys said that they enjoy the company of a vivid and cheerful girl who knows how to get off on food and does not sit with an air of detachment, picking at her plate of salad. No perfect body compensates for a dull face. Although guys do not urge girls to gluttony.

Lack of makeup

Almost every second man noticed that he prefers to see a natural make-up on his girlfriend, without layers of foundation and indelible lipstick. Many agreed that it's impossible to spoil the natural beauty, but it’s more convenient to kiss without risking making oneself dirty with “plaster.” Besides, natural beauty insures against surprises in the form of artificial eyelashes on the night table, extremely wide fake eyebrows or frightening toupee.

Pleasant curves

Many men believe that girls’ worries about overly rounded shapes are ridiculous, for example, a big ass, breasts and feminine hips are very seductive. They like the feeling of softness of women body when they can grab, pinch and squeeze something. It seems that such a woman will not have problems with childbirth and will get more pleasure in bed.

Homey look

A perfect black dress and stockings are great but not every day. The guys like to watch their girlfriends in their usual state, for example, with a pompom on a head, in a cotton pajama with unicorns and funny fluffy slippers. In clothes like this, she seems sweet, gentle, vulnerable and homely. Men feel the sincerity in such an image, comfort and genuine intimacy.

Sweating body

A woman shouldn’t run away from the guy to the bathroom if she is sweaty after sports since, most likely, her appearance will cause him pleasant fantasies. When a woman is wet with sweat, she seems especially desirable to the stronger sex. Perhaps it’s all about pheromones that her body secrete. However, this works only if the girl's sweat smells well, and she does not forget to watch hygiene.

Light drunkenness

When a woman drinks a cocktail, she becomes especially attractive. Her behavior, look, and manner of conversation are changing. She relaxes, ceases to control herself and becomes ready to make some experiments, have provocative conversations, and there is charming self-confidence in her. Of course, this applies only to a slight degree of intoxication. If a lady drinks like a shoemaker and behaves scandalously, the magic immediately dissipates.