How Not to Follow the Crowd

The psychology of the crowd is a new direction in the field of scientific work that has been created for a detailed study of the effect of the crowd. The behavior of a person who finds themselves in places where large numbers of people gather begins to change, and not for the better. The ability to critical thinking is reduced, and intellectual abilities are weakened. A person runs the risk of succumbing to those ideas and actions to which the crowd is prone, without thinking about the appropriateness of this for themselves. This is a description of a classic case of people being in a company, but in a broader sense, a society can also be called a crowd that continually strives to incline us to this or that behavior. Under these conditions, it can be difficult to preserve your individuality, but it is still necessary to do. So, what steps can you take towards it?

Form your life principles and guidelines

It is extremely important to have strong convictions on key issues in life to be able to call yourself a whole person. After all, it is on this basis that personality is built, therefore it is unique. A person who has their position and does not hesitate to defend it if necessary is respected. And the “advisers,” having realized (sometimes a couple of minutes are enough for this) that they will not achieve anything, just leave such a person alone. Such people are less likely to follow the crowd — they have their path.

Do not try to please everyone

The desire to be good in everyone's eyes seems a positive phenomenon, but it is not the truth. The psychology of the crowd and its ever-changing opinion makes a person lose themselves over time. Or it will not even be adequately formed when it comes to children and adolescents. And this is very dangerous because it can be very difficult for these people to decide on their desires (they simply do not have time because they are constantly engaged in fulfilling the desires of other people). It can be difficult for them to communicate, and it is easy for society to put pressure on such a person and manipulate them.

Control emotions

Emotions are an element, but our psyche is so complicated that we live on this emotional roller coaster. Can they be controlled? In the literal sense, it is hardly. But we can learn to understand our emotional state, consciously feel it, ask ourselves the right questions and look for answers. Why did this emotion arise, how to cope with it if it is negative? It is also possible and necessary to master the skill of the correct expression of emotions. Thus, you will be able to avoid major conflicts and strengthen self-control as well as you will develop an ability to resist to the spontaneity of the crowd.

Trust yourself and your decisions

If you are not sure of your position and what you want to do, the society around you will inevitably feel that, and they will immediately regard your insecurity as a weakness. And rest assured, they will hit the spot. If you have decided on an issue, stick to it to the end and do not allow other people's arguments to influence your choice.